HOUSTON OFFICE– Servicing Houston And East Texas

Kevin Stephen CPMR- kevins@stephenstephenson.com – OUTSIDE SALES

Craig Stephen – craig@stephenstephenson.com– OUTSIDE SALES

Randy Stephen – randy@stephenstephenson.com– OUTSIDE SALES

John Pufferjohn@stephenstephenson.com– OUTSIDE SALES

Taylor Bean- taylor@stephenstephenson.com – OUTSIDE SALES

Jonathan McCrea- jonathan@stephenstephenson.com – OUTSIDE SALES

Sean Stephens- sean@stephenstephenson.com SERVICE CENTER MANAGER

Tiffany Cooper- tiffany@stephenstephenson.com– QUOTATIONS/ INSIDE SALES

 Kristen Hubbard-  kristen@stephenstephenson.com – INSIDE SALES/ QUOTATIONS

Shannon Gray– Warehouse Manager

GENERAL SALESsales@stephenstephenson.com

QUOTES EMAILquotes@stephenstephenson.com

SAN ANTONIO OFFICE – Servicing Central and South Texas

Kevin Stephen CPMR- kevins@stephenstephenson.com– OUTSIDE SALES

David Thatch: david@stephenstephenson.com – SERVICE CENTER MANAGER

Taylor Stanton- taylors@stephenstephenson.com– INSIDE SALES / WAREHOUSE MANAGER

John Pufferjohn@stephenstephenson.com– OUTSIDE SALES (SAN ANTONIO/ AUSTIN MARKET)

Jonathan McCrea- jonathan@stephenstephenson.com OUTSIDE SALES (SOUTH TEXAS MARKET)

GENERAL SALESsalessa@stephenstephenson.com

QUOTES EMAILquotessa@stephenstephenson.com